BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

About the Program

BBA is an under-graduate program that equips a student to move towards a potentially profession in industry right after graduation. The program is meticulously structured to make it highly industry relevant as per the present day needs of employers. 

The approach to education at the BBA level is to provide a blend of management learning and social learning. The following are the salient features of the BBA program: 

Course Fee 240000

Course Duration 3 Years

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      Course Fee 
      BBA : 3 YEARS :
       1st installment = 30000
        2nd installment = 42000
        3rd installment =  42000
        4th installment =  42000
        5th installment =  42000
        6th installment = 42000

      Eligibility Criteria 
      40% or above in best four relevant subjects at XII level

    Career path you can choose after the course

    Ultimate goal is to make our students highly acceptable to the industry/ corporate as students who are job ready/ industry ready from day one. The students after the completion of their degree will be able to seek employment in areas like financial services; retail management, consultancy services, FMCG sectors, HR generalists as well as IT enabled services.

    Industry Internship: After the completion of first year and second year, the students go for an industry internship with an organisation for a period of 8 weeks. It is an essential module of the curriculum for the completion of the program and is designed to offer exposure to organisational working, to build up an understanding of the real corporate world and to learn the relevance of theoretical concepts in real life business situations. 

Syllabus(Hons) - Download

Syllabus(Genral) - Download

    Process for filling up of Admission Form online Read the instructions carefully before filling up the form.

     Accept the terms & conditions below by clicking the button "Accept & Go".
    To Enter %age of Marks (If Field is available in the application form) :- e.g. If %age is 78.00 then enter 78 only, If %age is 71.45 then enter 71 only and if %age is 67.67 then enter 68. Fill up the application form completely & submit it.
    After the form is filled up the candidate will be allotted a user ID & password from the confirmation page. The same User ID & Password will be send to candidate's registered Email ID for future reference.
    The candidate will upload his/her passport size photograph (less than 1 MB).
    The candidate can upload multiple documents in Education Details.
    Any mistake done by the applicant is at his/her own risk. Admission Committee will not entertain any queries in this regard.
    Once the merit list is declared the candidate may check the status of through his/her login.

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